Renovation Loan

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Renovation Loan

DMV’s renovation program allows you to purchase or refinance your current home and finance home improvements into the new loan. Update the kitchen, renovate the bathroom(s), replace flooring or just make cosmetic improvements.

Some tips to consider in your home
renovation planning

Choose the

Right Contractor

The first step is finding the right builder/contractor. To a great degree, this single right decision can make a tangible difference to your overall enjoyment with the renovation experience. Make sure you interview several contractors to compare bids, their earlier project experience, and references.

Also, this is a close association between you and the contractor till the renovation is going on, so select the contractor who makes you feel the most comfortable.

project consultant
plush interior
Choose the Right

Improvement as per your home

Every home is different and hence the renovation and improvement others may have done may not give you the same desired outcome and experience. Choose the improvement as per your home and long term appreciation of your property and living experience in perspective.

Monitor the

budget and timeline

Home renovation is a planned activity. If not monitored well, it can adversely impact yoru planned budget and decided timeline. As the homeowner, you need to protect your investment. You should frequently meet the contractor to inspect the project for quality and adherence to your plans and specifications.

Monitor the budget and timeline

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